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magycal1 added 2 new photos 16 mins ago from Las vegas, NV
brownlove20 38 mins ago from where You Wanna B, Cali, NV
I been up all night Can't sleep
develynd 42 mins ago from Washington, DC
money is all we needa conversate about....anything else u gotta say isn't important
pynkielady 2 hours ago from Las vegas, NV
I'm so happy now. More than anyone will ever one
brittanyb86247 2 hours ago from Las Vegas, NV
If u want to to see my pic look fo me on face book name deebo brown the one that say I work at vans that's me..and I'm the one in red
munecita360 2 hours ago from nlv, NV
Man I hate it! The days r goin by hella slow...its like WTF!
ofeyy13 2 hours ago from Reno, NV
Feeling beautiful